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Back in the game

Thank the writing gods – I’m writing again! Holy shit, I never thought one silly editing group rejection would hit me so hard. I didn’t start writing again for anything other than personal fulfillment and an outlet for my creativity. Why on earth did I think my primary goal needed to be publication, and that I needed some kind of public validation of my skill? I don’t.

I’m back to writing for the sake of writing. For the sake of finding my own voice again and finding a way to tell the stories trapped in my head. They don’t have to be great. Well, not at first anyway. I wholly acknowledge that my writing muscle (aka my brain) is undernourished and underutilized. I need practice. And more practice.

Instead of trying to conquer some huge novel, I’m going to concentrate on more manageable novellas that focus on non-traditional opposites attract stories. I’m so stoked. 🙂