Back in the game

Thank the writing gods – I’m writing again! Holy shit, I never thought one silly editing group rejection would hit me so hard. I didn’t start writing again for anything other than personal fulfillment and an outlet for my creativity. Why on earth did I think my primary goal needed to be publication, and that I needed some kind of public validation of my skill? I don’t.

I’m back to writing for the sake of writing. For the sake of finding my own voice again and finding a way to tell the stories trapped in my head. They don’t have to be great. Well, not at first anyway. I wholly acknowledge that my writing muscle (aka my brain) is undernourished and underutilized. I need practice. And more practice.

Instead of trying to conquer some huge novel, I’m going to concentrate on more manageable novellas that focus on non-traditional opposites attract stories. I’m so stoked. 🙂


avatar.fwI write. A lot. I used to write almost dailyish (maybe weekly) in my blog. I wrote for my super secret blog, too. The one I can’t link to from here. The really, really private one. And I write for work…boring business stuff. But I write stuff.

I deleted my “normal” blog because my kid’s friends found it and my openness was a little embarrassing for a middle school boy. Sadly, I had written for many years about issues and topics many people found helpful (WLS, addiction and alcoholism, recovery, and Buddhism). But my son’s happiness was more important than my pedantic ranting.

While my super secret, but kind of popular, blog is still out there in the web world that never dies, I stopped adding new posts sometime in 2006 or 2007. Since my covert blogging has transformed into a more formally structured format, I am now writing my stories down. As in, I’ve become a writer. I’m writing books…or trying to, anyway. Because the content matter may still make my community and/or family uncomfortable, I’ve chosen to use a pen name (no, not the one my son recently discovered) to publish under.

I’ve brought my blog back to life to use as a scratchpad of what I’m using to to study the craft of writing and to make me accountable.